Silver or (Black-temporarily sold out)
Use 2 or 4 Pads At The Same Time
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
8 Massage Modes:
            (Vibration, Chop-Chop, Baseball Bat,
                       Rocket Ship, Levels, Random)
10-60 Minute Adjustable Timer
Automatic Shut Off

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​​​​​​​​SALE $49.99 TENS Unit. ​The Strongest & Most Effective Stim Machine!

Each Unit Includes:     Control Unit
                                      Wire (2 Terminal)
                                      Wire (2 Terminal-Additional)
                                      2 Pairs Of Pads (4 Pads)
                                      Charger- USB & Electrical
                                      Accupuncture Chart

Best ​$49.99 TENS Unit Electronic Muscle Stimulator Massager Machine

Discount $49.99 TENS Machine​

ELectronic Muscle Stim

Pro IVs 4s

Was $379

​​​​​​​This Week Only:
$49.99 ea.
($39.99 + $10 S/H/T)
EMS IQ Pro IVs 4s TENS Unit Electronic Muscle Stimulator Massager

Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino,

 San Diego, Orange County


BEST $49.99 TENS Machine Unit Muscle Stimulator Massager

What do TENS Units & Electronic Muscle Stimulators do?  
        Send electrical impulses to the muscles 
                  and contract the muscles.
        Increase circulation of the local muscles.
        Help to relax tense muscles.
        Help improve muscle tone.
        Can be used on the:
                   Shoulders, neck, lower back, sciatica, rotator cuff,
                         abs, feet, hands, wrists, knees, legs, face, etc...
        Are used in sports medicine and by professional athletes and coaches.
        Have been used by Physical Therapist and Chiropractors for decades.

Additional Data:
$49.99 ea  
($39.99 + $10 S/H/T)
We ship from Los Angeles Ca.
We ship US Post Office-Priority Mail (2-3 Days).
We've been selling massage products at malls, fairs, home & garden shows and online since 1996.

Massage Slippers- $30
Connect the Slippers to an EMS Unit!!!
These Massage Slippers Change Peoples Lives!!!!!
EMS Pro IVs 4s + Massage Slipper Combo Special!- $79.99 (Ship, Hand, Tax Included)

Press the +(Plus) up to 20 times.
Average on shoulders, 5 +(Pluses).
               It is strong!

Rechargeable Lithium battery.

Electrode Pads:
You will get approximately 50-100 uses out of each pair of electrode pads.
Additional electrode pads: 12 Electrode Pads (6pr) $22
Turn machine "Off" when removing electrode pads to avoid shock.

*Electrode Pad Maintenance*
After every use do the following:
   1) Put 3 or 4 drops of water on sticky surface
   2) Immediately protect sticky surface with plastic

Electronic Muscle Stimulators should not be used:
   By people with pacemakers/defibrilators.
   By women who are pregnant.
   On metal body parts.
   On or close to vital body parts such as the brain, heart, carotid sinus nerves, etc. 

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